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BLOG: Eduardo Niebla

BLOG: Eduardo Niebla

BLOG: Eduardo Niebla

Eduardo Niebla: Tales from the Inner Side

The tale I am about to tell you may or may not be true. I honestly do not know, but as many, I heard it like sand slipping between the fingers of time, a whisper upon the winds, a fable etched in the very fabric of creation. A tale becomes a story, story becomes legend and legend becomes myth: how Eduardo Niebla was granted the eternal gift of guitar playing, as Orpheus was with his lyre.

I shall begin with what I know. Eduardo was born in Morocco in 1955 under a tranquil night sky awash with blazing stars, that pierced the all-encompassing cloak of the night air. He was born by the banks of a river, the moonlight bathing his face, as his cries lamented the warm summer night. He lay comforted deep within his mother’s arms for many hours, the water calmly caressing them, but the cries did not relent. His father, worried and not quite sure what to do, grasped at a handful of reeds that lay rooted beneath the river bed and began to tickle the stomach of baby Eduardo. After what seemed like an age the cries began to slow, before a calming rush fell over the family. But what happened next no one could have foreseen. What the tales have told and will continue to tell in the annals of time, Eduardo began to pluck at the reeds that lay grasped in the palms of his father; and what befell the silent riverbank was a hymn of immortal beauty.


The notes from the reeds carried through the air, lingering high in the trees, ascending to the very reaches of Heaven. The sound waves devoured the clouds, and quelled the restless birds, before sending ripples through the sky to the Angels in the crimson ravines of Heaven who began to weep a weep of joyous transcendence, and each tear banished from the Heavens fell upon the majestic Moroccan morning as rain, baptizing the newly birthed child Eduardo Niebla, The Gift (possibly inspiration for his 1999 album of the same name).


Now pay attention, for the next part may be hard to believe. At the age of ten, whilst foraging in the fog laden mountains, Eduardo stumbled upon the entrance to a forgotten cave. Like all inquisitive young children, he began to slowly enter, his hands grazing the damp cave walls as he descended deeper and deeper into the abyss.


By now, the warming light from the entrance was a distant memory, he was surrounded in the deep cold chasms of this ancient cave void of all light and sound. But Eduardo was not afraid, he took a deep breath and pushed on, his hand roaming the cave walls as a blind man would over braille. After what felt like an eternity Eduardo spotted a faint flicker in far reaching chambers of the cave. He pushed on through the meandering black towards the lonesome light source. The closer he got, the warmer the air felt and a faint sound of guitar playing could be heard like waves upon a distant shore.


As Eduardo creeped towards the Lights from the Inner Side (possibly inspiration for his 2004 album of the same name) he saw a candle resting upon an old wooden table inside a doorway. His shadow breached the room first, as the guitar swelled over him, like the solemn calls from the sirens that would lure the sailors to their doom. Eduardo, hovering closer to the flickering flame, saw the shape of something in the corner of the room he could not make out. Shadows danced upon the walls as ten-year-old Eduardo Niebla stood alone and unafraid, the last person on earth, a black mile from the surface.

“I’ve never heard such beauty before!”

The music stopped, and slowly a face turned and peered from the shadows; a face not of this time.

“Who dares speak aloud before me?”

The voice, a husky Tom Waits sixty cigarettes a day tone, carried like a threnody through the room and out into the encompassing dark of the cave.

“Erm, forgive me, but I seem to be lost, do you know a way out?”

The creature stood and his shadow swallowed Eduardo as the candle flame struggled to burn. He was covered head to toe in dark hair. His eyes left a piercing red trail through the moisture-filled air, a memory of past lives ablaze.

“There is only one way out child, and none has ever succeeded.”

His arm bled through the dimly lit room, as he handed the guitar to Eduardo.

“You must play a song, that extinguishes the flame of the Mediterraneo candle” (possibly inspiration for his 1996 album of the same name).


Then, for three hours, twenty-seven minutes and nineteen seconds, Eduardo performed a piece of music that infused itself into the walls and tunnels of the ancient cave, resonating for eternity. Some say, if you are high enough in the mountains you can hear the distant weeping of eternal bliss from the cave beast still, as he sits alone, in the pitch-black room, the candle never to burn again. The happiest creature alive, forever granted a front row seat to the greatest show on earth.


And the rest is history…


The man, the myth, the legend has over twenty albums to his name, mastering many genres, from flamenco, classical and jazz to progressive rock (see Mother Gong), and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon, as he continues his UK tour throughout early 2019. The guy is a Natural (possibly inspiration for his 2003 album of the same name) and you would be a fool to miss him perform.



*The tale above is sadly not true, well at least I don’t think it is, but every musical genius needs an epic tale to bestow their legend, and a new born baby playing river reeds like Jimmy Hendrix isn’t a bad one at that.

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