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BLOG: Thank ABBA for the Music: Starship Super Troupers

Only two things are certain in life. One is that in the 23rd century you will be enlisted to fight for the Federation against alien scum, and the other, is simply every home on earth to the far reaches of space has got a copy of ABBA Gold, and I believe the second to be more of a stone-cold fact than the first.

I must point out before I continue, if you haven’t already guessed it, that I am currently writing this blog not on Earth and not of this time, but many many galaxies away, on a monstrous alien infested planet called Klendathu, where we are fighting for survival every day against giant bugs that will stop at nothing until we are dead.
How does this relate to ABBA playing at the Coro I hear you ask? It absolutely doesn’t. I have shamefully done a play on a classic ABBA song with one of the best sci-fi B movies of all time, and now must somehow create a blog from it. Yes, that is sadly the level I have fallen to, but hey, after reading this I hope you will:
A) Buy a ticket for Thank ABBA for the Music on 12th April.
B) Watch Starship Troopers.
C) Begin planning for the alien war that is coming your great grandchildren’s way. Even in space we can’t help but invade other lands.

Diary entry 483

Somewhere on Klendathu…
This place is death! Here I am, dug deep behind enemy lines, no time for an S.O.S as gun fire and explosions rain all around, the ground covered with a thousand lifeless Soldiers, a mirror to the battle of Waterloo (though I don’t think the ground was soaked with green alien blood-slime back then).
I Wonder nervously behind a pile of sandbags not knowing if this is The Name of the Game, the irony of the Federation sending us to fight for Money, Money, Money.
I don’t know whether I Should Laugh or Cry, as I clutch at my laser rifle like an Eagle with its prey. I raise my Angel Eyes to the 3 suns in the sky and pray: Oh, Mamma Mia, Lay all Your Love On Me one last time, for you were once One of Us.
How I wish I could be with my Dancing Queen sweet Cassandra or was it Elaine? Either way I forget, they were both once my Chiquitita (though Does Your Mother Know about my promiscuous ways?). How I’d long for Our Last Summer together, you in my arms upon the morning grass saying ‘I am Just a Girl’ as I whispered into your ear Voulez-Vous, no idea of the meaning, our bodies entwined Knowing Me, Knowing You. I reach into my top pocket and pull out a worn photograph, not of my family or a lover back home, but of the four majestic pop Lords and Ladies that make up ABBA, The Visitors from Sweden.
I begin to hum under my breath Fernando, as the planet descends into terraforming terrorized treacherous turmoil, human and bug screams the backdrop to my alien ABBA acapella, though sounding more like a King Kong Song.
I Have a Dream that this Godless war will be over soon and just an Intermezzo No. 1, for I’m a Marionette in an orchestra of wars never to hear the applause and rapture: Thank You for the Music.

Well, that was arduous to write. I didn’t realise how many songs were on the ABBA Gold album but saying that, they fit quite nicely into a sci-fi war opera (there’s a thought, Mamma Mia 3: The Name of the Game is… WAR!).
I think I’ve gone off on a tangent enough… I had better tell you a little bit about what you have in store.
The show is a two-hour theatre spectacle, interwoven with singing, performance, and an interactive video depicting key moments in ABBA’s career with celebrity and musical expert interviews.
This is a feel-good night train down memory lane, perfect for all ages; human and alien bugs alike.

Above all, make sure you come in fancy dress…that’s 70’s style ABBA clad not Klendathu clad. (please note fancy dress is not compulsory but much appreciated)

Thank ABBA For The Music: Friday 12 April: 7.30pm

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