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BLOG: The Floyd Effect: Another Brick in the Coro Hall

In the words of Alan Partridge
“Basically, could I have a condensed Pink Floyd concert for £500?”

You’ll be glad to hear this isn’t that, but the real deal. Pink Floyd built a wall on stage from card; these guys use bricks. Get Storm Thorgerson to produce a piece of art having someone shaking a man’s hand on fire. Hell, these guys would set the Mona Lisa on fire while she steers the Raft of Medusa to the safety of the shore. Lasers, smoke, images… these guys will make Star Wars look like two kids playing in the back garden. You get the drift – these are the real deal, more than a tribute, they are some of the best musicians channelling “The Floyd Effect” to the heights of their spiritual being.

I’ve been a fan of Pink Floyd since high school when the world of music opened to me. With what little money a school boy had (I saved up my school dinner money, so as I got thinner my CD collection got fatter), I would make the trip to Music Zone (RIP) on a Saturday and embark on my musical odyssey through the second hand CD racks. It was like stepping into the unexplored dimensions of space and time. David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Iggy and the Stooges… I could go on. Each week I would return to the library of sound, a river that never seemed to end, until one day, working my way through the alphabetized CDs, I stumbled across an album cover with no band name and a black background with a flash of colour piercing through a prism. I can only describe this moment in comparison to Joseph Smith discovering the golden plates and transcribing them into The Book of Mormon; though I can’t say I have acquired a large religious following yet. Maybe if I had discovered the album buried deep within a cave of forgotten secrets, then just maybe I’d be writing this blog on golden plates rather than an Apple Tablet.

There I am, lay on my bed, walls adorned with a mismatch of football, film and music posters, The Dark Side of the Moon in my CD player with the Saturday afternoon sun hanging from the mid May sky. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier (cue the world’s smallest violin). From then I was hooked… Animals, The Wall, The Final Cut, Wish You Were Here. Each album taking me on a journey – a journey through the musical maelstrom of Pink Floyd. If you had me tied up, forcing me to describe them in one word I’d have to say buffet; though I don’t think Roger Waters would appreciate being referred to as a plate of sausage rolls and deboned salmon; not because he’s a vegan but simply because that sounds like a rubbish buffet (sorry mum).

To say I’m looking forward to the show is an understatement. Having never experienced Pink Floyd live or any solo tours, this is the next best thing I’m sure, unless I win the lottery next week and pay for them to play in my back garden to an audience of one; well one human and a couple of foxes and hedgehogs… no flying inflatable pigs due to living next to Walney airfield.

The band members over the years have worked with David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Jon Bon Jovi, Brian Adams and Keith Emerson, so anyone who has shared a stage with Bowie has got my blessing. I wonder if the cast of Labyrinth are doing much. Maybe we could get them here in December to do a Christmas Carol service, minus the baby abduction fiasco of course?

Taken from their website:

Having toured since 2007, The Floyd Effect has become rightly renowned for the remarkable accuracy with which it performs the iconic music of Pink Floyd.

All of the band’s members are top quality musicians with pedigrees that stretch across all manner of musical genres, and they faithfully recreate the music and intensity of a Pink Floyd concert without recourse to backing tracks, racks of computers, or other technological wizardry. Every note that you hear is played and sung by the band, making each concert a genuine ‘live’ experience, powerful, immersive and emotional. Of course, the music is supported by a dramatic light show that incorporates the iconic circular screen, two sets of projections (incorporating some of Pink Floyd’s own images and some of the band’s own), smoke and lasers.

So, what are you waiting for? Crawl from the shadows of the dark side of the moon. Pole vault the wall that has trapped us for so long and grab the piper at the gates of dawn and come and see what is sure to be a musical spectacle not to be missed.

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