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BLOG: Wedding Fair: From Mark’s Perspective

BLOG: Wedding Fair: From Mark’s Perspective

Wedding Fair: All’s Fair in Love and War Marriage

When Laura first said to me, ‘do you fancy going to a wedding fair?’ the only thing I heard was fair, and my mind went straight to candy floss and roller coasters. So obviously the answer was ‘Hell Yes!’

Naturally, when the morning came and Laura changed my nappy, got me dressed, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and fed me (because obviously only a man-child would ignore the most important part of that sentence) we set off for our first wedding fair…

Cut to a month later, now the Coro are holding a wedding fair, and this time I was all over it. I rang Laura, emailed her and even sent a carrier pigeon over Walney Channel with all the information, then told her when I got home.

What’s better than turning up, having a drink and gorging on all the free samples of cake, and a good sniff of some hydrangea (remind me to take two antihistamine)? I’m sure some poor soul will find me slumped in a heap, with icing smeared all over my mouth as people look on in horror (better make that three antihistamine incase I’ve ate the flowers as well… just kidding, I’ll save that for my wedding day).

Jokes aside, from a couple that have many ideas but not sure how to source and bring them all together, a wedding fair is perfect for us; you have everything you could possibly want in one room (maybe I’ll move in). It’s like Dragon’s Den, and we are Duncan Bannatyne and Deborah Meaden; though I doubt Laura would let me have a Reggae Reggae Sauce wedding cake.

We’ve got the wedding songs all sorted. You could fill Glastonbury twenty times over with that list, but everything else is a little in the air – well, in Laura’s wedding planner. So, jumping from florists, singers, venue dressers, photographers and cake makers, getting information from each doesn’t sound like a bad afternoon (as long as I’m back in time for the football). Heck, you could even have your wedding at the Coronation Hall, minus me ‘cake and disorderly’ in the corner.

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