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Apologies due to unforeseen circumstances Glamrockz has been cancelled.
If you have bought a ticket for this event our Box Office will be in touch to organise a refund.

Saturday 30 November  –  8pm  –  £15
Unreserved Cabaret Seating

Glamrockz playing it like it woz !

Glamrockz are a live, all action, authentic, passionate show, to the greatest of early 70’s Glam Rock.

Glamrockz take you on a journey back to a time when music was vibrant and fun, to the days of youth clubs that belted out our favourite songs, Glamrockz are a party, able to bottle up the atmosphere of the early 70’s and pour it out where ever they play.

So cum on feel the noize, the fun, the colour, the spectacle that is Glamrockz, and have a teenage rampage one more time !!!

‘Glamrockz absolutely rock n rolled, I’ve never seen such a crowd have such a great time, fab night ! Now my feet are grounded after such an incredible high following Saturday please let me say the following, Your’e awesomeness to perform, to entertain and to take so many of us back to those youth club days is incredible. It is difficult to express in words your abilities to recreate such nostalgia. Thanks guys, you are all my favourites!’
Audience Member

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