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Jackson Sloan and the Rhythmtones

Jackson Sloan and the Rhythmtones

Jackson Sloan and the Rhythmtones: Friday 14 July: 7pm: £15

Veteran swing and jazz singer Jackson Sloan has assembled a sterling cast of crack musicians and guests for this his first band offering.

Not only has Jackson got one of the most distinctive voices on the swing dance and rock ‘n’ roll circuit, he is also a talented songwriter, a fact obscured by the need of a retro band like this to keep one eye on the dance-floor. Here we have the best of both worlds, mainly uptempo danceable material, but new songs from Jackson’s pen rather than the Louis Prima re-treads favoured by so many ploughing the same musical furrow.

Top vocal group The Metrotones are featured guests on the first track, Don’t Run Away From My Love, who doo-wah to great effect on this and three other cuts. But there are other respected names who add lustre to the proceedings, recorded, as the title suggests, at Shack Studios in rural Essex.

Jackson first came to prominence as a teenager fronting Rent Party one of the first UK outfits to take their inspiration from West Coast sax and piano jump blues of the forties and early fifties rather than the guitar dominated Delta blues that sparked the British blues boom of the sixties. Playing alongside Jackson in Rent party was Steve “West” Weston, now an admired singer and harmonica player, and he returns to Jackson’s side for a Latin-inflected cut entitled Across the Border. He also appears on maybe the strongest track on the collection, Ghost Train, now viewable on a YouTube video, filmed on a train travelling down Southend Pier, of all places.

Chanteuse Laura B., still just a Jools Holland Later appearance away from stardom, blends vocally just beautifully with Jackson on a number entitled Same Old Suit, while perhaps the most unlikely collaborator is pedal steel professor Vic Collins. But, once more, the fit is perfect on a catchy number entitled Kickin’ Up the Dust. The final guest to get a name-check is veteran saxophone player Graeme Turner, and he deserves it for his contribution to Small Town Girl.

With a run time of 36 minutes, the enjoyable collection may leave you wanting more, but with the move back to vinyl, anticipate more 12 track CDs the perfect length for an LP. Remember those? They, and indeed Jackson Sloan and his fine band The Rhythmtones, are on their way back.

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