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LipService Present: Withering Looks

LipService Present: Withering Looks

LipService Present: Withering Looks: Friday 12 October: 7.30pm: £16

LipService – Britain’s favourite literary lunatics, are back with their cult Brontë spoof Withering Looks.

After the brilliantly funny LipService ladies visited the Coro with ‘Mr Darcy Loses the Plot’ we had to get them back at our first opportunity…and here it is!

In the 200th anniversary year of Emily’s birth, the classic comic duo, Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding, just couldn’t resist the urge to dust off their crinolines, wear flattering bonnets and sit at rained-lashed windows in a pale and decorative manner.

Don’t miss the chance to share in the silliness too!

Withering Looks takes an authentic look at the lives and works of the Brontë sisters, well, two of them actually, Anne’s just popped out for a cup of sugar.

Who is the Brontë’s mysterious neighbour, Mr Moorcock of Ravaged Heath House?
Do Lost Souls really wander the wild and heather clad moors?
Who should Cathy marry? Heathcliff or David Niven?
Plus, Manchester’s very own Mrs Gaskell drops by for tea and sympathy.

Withering Looks won a Manchester Evening News Theatre Award and the Critics’ award for Comedy at the Edinburgh Festival.

“It’s a joy – very, very funny”  The Guardian

They sing, dance and even create their own wind machine. One day I confidently expect them to fly”  London Evening Standard

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