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We’re Now Supported by Co-op Local Community Fund

We’re Now Supported by Co-op Local Community Fund

Start spreading the news….

The Coronation Hall is now a charity and we are very excited to let everyone know that we are now also supported by the Co-op Local Community Fund!

What does this mean?

This brilliant piece of news means that Co-op members can choose to donate their 1% of local causes support, to us here at the Coro!

This is fantastic as we are putting all funds raised towards our volunteer programme. We want to improve the experience our volunteers have with us. The extra funding will give us the ability to ensure each volunteer has the correct  equipment and training for the role they are carrying out.

This can be from items such as uniform and safety boots, to full health and safety training.

The more money we receive from this brilliant fund the more we can do to promote our volunteers and improve not just their experience, but yours too as a regular visitor and supporter of the Coro.

But what if I’m not a Co-op member?

Not a problem…it’s very easy to become a member

You can sign up online just visit:

OR if you pop into our local Co-op and pick up a temporary card which allows you to join for just £1. There’s a free telephone number on the card which you can call to register and choose the Coronation Hall as your chosen local cause – the number is 0800 023 4708

You can use the temporary card whilst your permanent card is on it’s way to you to keep earning your rewards.

So I’m already a Co-op member – how do I choose the Coronation Hall as my chosen local cause?

Just pop onto the Co-op website, enter your details to log in and from there you can choose us to support, visit:

OR call 0800 023 4708 and tell the friendly staff at Co-op HQ

We hope the above all makes sense and if you’d like to know more about the Co-op Local Community Fund, please get in touch by either visiting the Co-op website, popping into your local store or giving us a call.

From everyone here at the Coro we’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who supports us and if you are able to do so by the Co-op fund that would be amazing!

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