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Sing Me A Song! Robert Louis Stevenson Show

Sing Me A Song! Robert Louis Stevenson Show

Sing Me A Song! Robert Louis Stevenson Show: Wednesday 4 October: 8pm: £12

Furness Tradition Presents: A musical show celebrating the wit and wisdom of Robert Louis Stevenson.

A delightful musical show arranged and performed and produced by acclaimed Australian artists
Neil Adam (guitar/vocals) & Judy Turner (fiddle/viola/narration). Poetry as song, illustrated by family photos from Scotland, the USA and the Pacific. Journey with us, into the all too short life of one of Scotland’s most beloved authors.

Judy Turner and Neil Adam are stalwarts of the Australian and UK folk scenes, showcasing Scottish and Australian trad. as well as their own material. Acclaimed for their fine musicality and wonderful rapport with audiences, their show on the life of RLS is a homage to a great writer by two great musicians.

Tickets for this fantastic show are available from the Coro box office on 01229 587140 or online by clicking HERE

Neil & Judy will also be performing as part of Borderlines – Carlisle’s Book Festival taking place between 30 Sept and 8 Oct. Check out the festival and their performance HERE

Many moons ago, Neil was a member of seminal Edinburgh folk band Silly Wizard, before moving to England and then Australia. Judy is a fiddler and fiddle teacher who founded and directed for many years the famous Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club. After many years playing the Australian folk music circuit both as a duo, in bands and for the last 15 years with the Club, Neil and Judy have established another project, the culmination of a long time passion for Robert Louis Stevenson’s writing.

They have built a show based on his poetry, put to music and arranged by them with assistance from Chris Stone and Holly Downes*. The new CD features beautifully arranged and recorded settings of these songs, some with string quartet, others with an orchestra of 30 fiddle players. In the show, the songs are juxtaposed with extracts from RLS’s writing including letters and diaries and featuring his feisty wife Fanny Van der Grift.  There are stunning contemporary photographs, mostly taken by his family, illustrating the fascinating life of one of Scotland’s greatest writers. The combination of RLS’ great lyrics, beautiful music and the obvious affection of this husband and wife team for another makes for a heartwarming, interesting and engaging recording and concert, which since its launch at the end of 2011 has played at music and book festivals in Australia and is now looking to establish itself further afield.


“Humanly speaking, it is a more important matter to play the fiddle, even badly, than to write huge works upon recondite subjects.”




Louis Stevenson (on fiddle, back middle) and family jammng in the Irish Club, Tahiti, 1886.



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