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Ulverston Outsiders: Woman In Mind

Ulverston Outsiders: Woman In Mind

Tuesday 19 – Friday 22 November: 7.30pm
Tickets: Tues £9 / Wed – Fri £10

Join Ulverston Outsiders as they perform Alan Ayckbourn’s play Woman In Mind
By turns sad and funny, satirical and moving, the play charts a middle aged woman’s (Susan) descent into psychosis.
The central character in Woman in Mind is Susan. She is a housewife who, in reality, is neglected by her husband, patronised by her sister-in-law, and estranged from her son.
In her own imaginary world, by contrast, she is happy, successful, and loved by her perfect family.
She is on stage throughout the play, and everything seen and heard on stage is what is seen and heard by Susan, both real and imagined.

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