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BLOG: Moishe’s Bagel: Scottish Fiction

BLOG: Moishe’s Bagel: Scottish Fiction

Before I start, may I add that I was genuinely curious about the word Moishe and where it came from?
So, with the magical help of Google I found out within seconds. It derives from the Yiddish form of Moses, so I’m guessing after parting the sea, crafting a gaping hole in the dough of a bagel was a natural second.
“This fearless 5-piece emphatically puts the ‘class’ into ‘unclassifiable‘” (The Scotsman)

Formed in 2003 by five musicians all sharing their same passion and enthusiasm for the eclectic musical tapestries of Klezmer, Jazz and Latin (that simply had to be fate), Moishe’s Bagel have gone on to write and record four albums and compose the music score for the Soviet Silent Film Salt For Svanetia, which the band has now recorded as their fifth album.
“Exhilarating… breath-takingly intricate but played with jubilation and the momentum of an express train” (Herald)

I’m pretty much a sucker for bands who can’t be pigeonholed, never knowing where a song may go; recording music for silent films or recreating a new score live for films is the icing on the cake.

I once watched The Guillemots in Leeds perform an improvised score to the South Korean Classic Oldboy (oh you better believe I’m name dropping) so they had me at Salt… If like me you’ve never heard of Klezmer, here is the low down (for Jazz and Latin… Google it):
klez·mer (klĕz′mər) n. pl. klez·mo·rim (klĕz′mə-rēm′)
1. The traditional music of the Jews of Eastern Europe, played by small traveling bands.
2. A musician in such a band. Klezmer music is intended to replicate the human voice, including sounds of crying, wailing and laughing.

This reminds me of John Carpenter’s The Thing, though I don’t think many people would pay to see an alien and Kurt Russell perform some Eastern European jazz fusion (I would).
Generally, the violin is responsible for the imitation which is meant to sound like the cantor in a Synagogue.
Often, a Klezmer band will include a fiddle, a bass or cello, a clarinet and a drum (killer alien in the Antarctic is optional).
“True originals” (Guardian)

If you fancy a night away from the mundane Sunday evening TV (there’s no Heartbeat anymore, so you don’t have an excuse) to experience a musical event that can’t be defined by words, then Moishe’s Bagel is the one for you.


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